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Memorial for Marian

(This is Mark/Pryder, posting for Marian)

My wife, Marian Walke (aka Marian of Edwinstowe or Old Marian), died shortly after midnight on Thursday. She passed away quietly at home, attended by me (her husband Mark), her daughter Gillian, and her grandchildren. I will miss her, and I believe that many of you will also miss her.

We will be holding a day of remembrance for Marian on Sunday, May 23, here at The Buttery. (Send email to if you need to find out how to get here.) It's impossible to avoid conflicts with EVERYTHING, but that day appears to be clear of SCA and morris dancing events.

We'll open the doors at noon and begin the speech-making at 2; scheduling of speeches will be done that day. (I'm guessing they will need to be brief; plan accordingly!) In keeping with Buttery traditions, we'll have a potluck buffet. Please, no flowers; Marian mostly didn't care for them.
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Tea Time at The Buttery

It's very gratifying to find that there are people out there who like a good Afternoon Tea as much as I do!  We are full up for March 21 and nearly full for April 25.  If it all works as planned and if the house and I hold together that long, maybe we can plan some more teas for the Fall.

As soon as things warm up, I think it's back down to the basement for me.  There are some walls waiting for their studs down there (and no snarky comments please!)
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(no subject)

I have been pleasantly surprised by the response to the offer of Sunday Teas at The Buttery.

Currently there is only one place available for Sunday, March 21, and four available for Sunday, April 25.

I'm really looking forward to these.

On the other hand, March 28 is wide open.  Is there something else going on that day? (Well Ice Dragon is the day before, but that only affects Scadians, doesn't it?)  I was sure I knew people outside of the SCA...perhaps I'm mistaken.

If you're interested in any of these dates (especially the two that are nearly full, please let me know soon.

It should all be a lot of fun!

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Afternoon Tea at The Buttery

For some years now I've been hosting English-style teas at The Buttery
for a few select friends.  Now I'm offering to do it for more people.

This is primarily a food event, because that's what I do best.  A Full
Afternoon Tea provides dainty sandwiches with fillings such as cucumber,
salmon, ham, and curried eggs.  There are currant scones, served warm
from the oven with preserves and freshly clotted cream (the real thing,
not a whipped cream or cream cheese substitute).  To finish off, there
is a selection of traditional and modern pastries, including rich
chocolate cake, marzipan dainties, and treacle tarts.  This tea features
elegant food, but in sufficient quantity that no one should leave hungry.

I take my inspiration from England Between the Wars, but it is not a
costumed event. The tables will be dressed with linen napkins and nice
china, three-tiered "curates" will hold the food, and there will be pots
of black and green teas, with herbal tisanes also available.  If you
wish to add to the atmosphere of a well-bred gathering, you are
encouraged to do so.  Ladies with hats and gentlemen with jackets are
especially appreciated.  T-shirts are probably a little too casual.

If this would be your cup of tea, contact me at 617-461-3747 or by
email: and let me know your first and second choice
for dates.

Dates: Sundays, March 21 or March 28 or April 25, 2010.
Time: 2:00 pm
Place: The Buttery, 24 Kenwood Street, Dorchester MA.
Cost per person: $16.00

Please feel free to pass this information on to any who might be interested.


Afternoon tea
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Book Sale at The Buttery

Good day to you all.

I'm holding a BOOK SALE at The Buttery, 24 Kenwood St, Dorchester

 Sun, Nov 8  AND  Sat & Sun, Nov 14 & 15

10 am – 6 pm each day


Over 800 used books for sale – CHEAP!


Subjects with lots of books:

Cookbooks and cookery, past and present, foreign and domestic

Gardening, herbals & herb/spice books


Other subjects include History (especially Medieval); Theatre; Building and architecture (specially Medieval); Crafts (especially needlework and basket making); Foreign language dictionaries and instruction; Gypsies; Sports and games (emphasis on cards and archery); some Kidlit, some YA.


If you log on to and search the library of oldmarian, you can see items tagged cookery and gardening -- the rest aren't cataloged.  Items include almost complete run of PPC,1-85; bibliographies (Bitting, etc); Medieval household books, and much more.


More info? Email me.

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A beautiful day

And now it's October already!  Today is forecast to be sunny and crisp, a perfect New England fall day, the sort that makes me eager to get started and overdo it.  I shall try to contain myself, but I think I have to bake something!  Probably a couple loaves of not-quite-white bread for the household. 

I bet this means I'm nearly well.

Cheers to all.

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(no subject)

Because xiphias  asked...

My mother's name was Sarah Barbara Blatt, but no one ever called her Sarah.  She was always Barbara.  It happened thuswise:  My grandfather really wanted to name his first child after his brother Abe, the eldest of the 12 siblings.  But Abe was still alive, and therefore that was forbidden by Jewish custom.  They chose the name Sarah, for the biblical Abraham's wife, but were still unsatisfied.  So they went to the rabbi, who said it was easily solved.  He opened the bible to a random seleection about Abraham and found "Abraham blessed..."; he suggested "barucha" (blessed), since that word came after Abraham!  In this way my mother was named "after" Abe without breaking any taboos.  Barbara was the nearest English equivalent.

Do they still make rabbis like that?


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progress report

Dear friends,

Two weeks ago I had surgery for my colon cancer.  I'm home, recuperating, getting gradually stronger (except today, when I just  feel worn out).  I don't know what else is in store -- info on possible chemo and radiation has not yet been passed on to me.  I suspect I'll hear at my followup appointment next week.  In the meanwhile, the surgery was successful, the patient lived. 

I tried being social on Sunday, and lived through that, too.  So I guess things are getting back to normal.

Besides, I have food from Mary's waiting!  Yum.  I've had enough chicken broth to last me till the next century. 

Love to all, and thanks for all the encouraging messages.
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Cancer update

Well, friends, I go into surgery first thing Monday morning (9/14).  Wish me luck.

I thought I'd mention that I DO NOT want visitors at the hospital.  First of all, I'll be doped to the gills.  Second, what with all the IVs, tubes, catheters, bags and pumps, I'll have more attachments than a vacuum cleaner; I can't imagine making light conversation under those conditions.

Also, I do not want flowers.  Maybe I'm just a prude, but severed sex organs used for decoration sort of put me off.

If anyone is really interested, write to pryder , who will of course know what's going on.  If all goes well, I should be home by Saturday Sept 19, and he can tell you if I'm feeling social or not at that time.

I'm hoping my next entry in LJ will be more cheerful.  I know this one is not my usual style. Please forgive.
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Cancer, Punk, and Me

Today I went to MGH and they gave me a tattoo.  Next month it will be body piercing. 

Who would have thunk it?

I am mildly surprised they didn't put studs on my hospital bracelet.