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Memorial for Marian

(This is Mark/Pryder, posting for Marian)

My wife, Marian Walke (aka Marian of Edwinstowe or Old Marian), died shortly after midnight on Thursday. She passed away quietly at home, attended by me (her husband Mark), her daughter Gillian, and her grandchildren. I will miss her, and I believe that many of you will also miss her.

We will be holding a day of remembrance for Marian on Sunday, May 23, here at The Buttery. (Send email to if you need to find out how to get here.) It's impossible to avoid conflicts with EVERYTHING, but that day appears to be clear of SCA and morris dancing events.

We'll open the doors at noon and begin the speech-making at 2; scheduling of speeches will be done that day. (I'm guessing they will need to be brief; plan accordingly!) In keeping with Buttery traditions, we'll have a potluck buffet. Please, no flowers; Marian mostly didn't care for them.

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