madamebuttery (madamebuttery) wrote,

Travels with a Camel -- 3

Thanks to Pryder, the thrones are loaded in the car. Every surrounding crack and crevice, every other space is so crammed with bags of stuff that I feel like a smuggler running garb instead of guns or brandy. ("Watch the wall, my darling, when the Camel passes by!")

Planning to be off (and running) first thing tomorrow morning, insh'Allah.

I was asked, why a Camel?

Three or maybe four years ago, I was packing up to leave Pennsic. As usual on such occasions, there was a threat of rain, so I hauled all my gear under John McGuire's large tent in the McGuire's Marauders encampment, and went off to find my car. When I came back John allowed me to back in and raise the car's back hatch under the tent roof, so everything could remain dry while loading. Someone observed this and said to Master John, "You know the story about letting the camel's nose inside the tent, don't you?" And several voices replied at once "That's NOT its NOSE!" But they didn't say it wasn't a camel.

If you are unfamiliar with the fable, you can check it out at
It's amazing -- there's a site for everything on the web, including camel photos!

Thanks for all the good wishes,
Mme Buttery

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